My Amazon Prime THM Essentials

My Amazon Prime THM Essentials


In case you're in the dark on Amazon Prime, I'm here to tell you it is AMAZING.

As a mom, I especially enjoy Amazon because I can shop from the comforts of my own home without the imminent threat of a toddler tantrum. Most of the time, I reap these benefits for a price that's better than what I can get in most of my local stores, plus ZERO shipping costs. That's right, anything - no matter how heavy - ships free on Amazon Prime.

Besides those benefits of Prime, there's also streaming TV and movies available. My kids love Daniel Tiger on PBS, however the PBS Kids app doesn't always have the newest episodes - Amazon Prime does, as well as past seasons.

Also, Prime membership has vastly improved in recent years. You used to have to pay for a full year of Prime all at once - NOT ANYMORE! I pay monthly for our Prime subscription, and it's nearly the same as a Netflix or Hulu subscription. If you prefer to pay all at once, you're still able to and it equates to the same as the monthly rate.

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Now that I've explained Prime, let's discuss all my essential Trim Healthy Mama items you can score on Prime.

The Books

If you don't already have the THM Cookbook and Trim Healthy Mama Plan - GET THEM. They are essential to understanding the ins and outs of the plan. *The authors, Serene and Pearl, are coming out with a NEW cookbook ( Trim Healthy Table) soon! It's currently available for pre-order.

Gluten Free Flours

I commonly use almond flour and coconut flour in the bulk of my recipes. I also enjoy the THM Oat Fiber, which is low carb and low fat. THM Baking Blend is a fantastic flour as well, it's not *always* in my budget though.


Pyure is pretty much my exclusive sweetener of choice. It doesn't contain any xylitol, which can be disruptive for some digestive systems. It also doesn't have any after-taste. Plus, it measures 1:2 with sugar, so you end up using less at a time than you would other sweeteners.

Protein Powder

I love the Isopure whey protein isolate! It's versatile, and you can get it in a small or bulk tub.

Bonus Products

These are products that while they're not essential to THM, they're excellent health foods to have on hand.

MCT oil is one of my favorite things! I use it in my smoothies and coffee, but the real kicker is using it in ice cream. If you have not tried any of my Fat Bomb Ice Cream recipes, you need to - STAT.

Collagen has become an essential item for me, because of how much it's improved my joints and tissue. As a former swimmer, my rotator cuffs used to be so sensitive I couldn't even do a set of push-ups without having to ice them the next day. Collagen, once a day every day, has changed that!

Raw Cacao Butter - use it to make your own white chocolate chips, white chocolate mocha, or fat bomb ice cream. Prime definitely has the best price!

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