5-Ingredient Roasted Red Pepper Soup (THM FP)

5-Ingredient Roasted Red Pepper Soup (THM FP)

Looking for an easy-to-prepare soup for a chilly weeknight? This roasted red pepper soup is it!


I have to tell you, I was shocked at how easy this recipe was. Simple ingredients: red peppers, onions, garlic, vegetable stock, and canned tomatoes came together and made a wonderfully tasty baby.

The part that took the most time was the roasting of the peppers, which isn't complicated at all. Sometimes people think that roasting something has to take a lot of time and effort, but really it doesn't.

Regular red bell peppers go directly under your broiler, with no oil or seasoning, until they blister (become mostly black) on all sides. You do have to turn the peppers, and watch for the blistering, but that's all the effort needed.

Once the peppers are blistered, take them out of the oven, place into a heat-safe bowl, and cover with plastic wrap. This helps the blistered skin pull away from the flesh of the pepper, making them easier to peel.

When the peppers are completely cool, remove the skin, tops, and seeds and set aside.

The rest comes together in a flash!

Sauté the onions and garlic together (in olive oil or butter, your choice). Once they soften and become translucent, transfer them to a blender with the vegetable stock and roasted peppers. Puree it all together until smooth, then add it into a pot over medium-low heat with the crushed tomatoes. Add some seasonings, let it all heat up together, and you're done. Easy, right?


This is definitely a kid friendly soup as well! My daughter had a hard time not eating the entire bowl when I was trying to photograph it. However, she did enjoy not one, but TWO bowls of it for dinner that night with some homemade garlic bread.

I think of it as a spin on the normal tomato soup. You get some tomato flavor, but you also get a sweet, slightly smoky bite from the roasted red peppers. The sautéed onions also help give it a velvety texture. 

You can enjoy this soup alongside an E friendly sandwich, or as a precursor to an S holiday meal. A lot of people don't think to do soups for the holidays, but I love them because you can make a TON at once and it's easier than most appetizers.

And, really, what's better than a big, comforting bowl of soup on a chilly evening when it's this easy to put together?

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