Why My Goals Will Never Be A Number

Why My Goals Will Never Be A Number

So often I see people's goals tied to a number. A jean size, a number on the scale, {x} amount of pounds - you get the picture.

Well, what if I told you that your goals don't have to come with a number?


The trouble with numbers can be that we obsess about them. I know I can definitely obsess over the scale - that's exactly why I don't own one. Even if we're just talking about weight - pounds look different on different people. If we're talking about sizes, why reduce your success to a number on a tag? We all know that designers will make dresses in a size 6 that fit 60 different ways on people. It's frustrating, infuriating, and a waste of energy to try and fit into a designer's mold of what they think you should be.

The bigger question is, will you be able to celebrate your success even if you don't get to the number you expected?

The whole point of creating goals is to 1) have something to motivate you and 2) TO CRUSH THEM.

My whole reasoning behind my goals being body/fitness related instead of being attached to a number is that it's a non-frustrating, but still very measurable, success. I will never beat myself up for not fitting into a dress from a million years ago, because chance are my body was entirely different then than it is now. AND THAT'S OK.

Since starting my fitness journey as a 20-something mom to (then) one kid, my goals have ranged from completing a Color Run race, to having a healthy second pregnancy and successful VBAC, and even rocking a bikini for the first time post-children.

All of them have given me an attainable goal with measurable success, all while being completely separated from numbers.

Recently I've given myself new goals - I want to train for and (hopefully) complete a Savage Race, and I want to rock a thong bikini by my 30th birthday (which is Summer 2018). Outside of my measurable goals, I simply want to feel more at home in my own skin. I want to feel stronger, more capable, and confident.

Don't get me wrong, people ask me about my weight all the time. "How much have you lost?" "How much more are you trying to lose?" And the ever-popular, "What's your goal weight?"


I don't take offense to it or anything, and I'm very open and honest about my weight not being a priority. I notice when my clothes are more loose, but outside of that I don't want to be defined by a number.

So, when you're thinking of goals for the coming months, or year, think about shifting your focus away from the numbers. Take some pressure off of yourself, think about how far your body can take you, then take it one step further. Your body is capable of amazing things, but only if your mind allows it.

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