My Favorite Things: The Best Tools for Working Out at Home

My Favorite Things: The Best Tools for Working Out at Home

Happy New Year! This is time of year when many people want to hard after their fitness goals. How can you still do that if you don't have access to a gym or travel a lot? I've got you covered!


The first, and quite possibly most important, tool for at-home workouts is a good yoga mat. Yoga mats are for more than just yoga! You need one to protect your joints from hard floors, and to give you more stability and support for yoga, Pilates, Barre, and more. This Jade Harmony yoga mat  is unique in a few ways - first, it's thicker and more firm than most mats you'll find in other stores. [Thicker mat equals better joint support.] Second, it's also soft enough for your joints to feel supported, yet protected. It is a higher price point than other mats you'll find in stores, however it's also A LOT higher quality. Whereas you may need to replace a cheaper mat every 3-6 months, this mat will last you for years.


Second, is a set of mini resistance bands. Why mini you ask? They're smaller [obviously], easier for travel, and are easier to work with than their larger counterparts. These Victorem mini resistance bands have progressive resistance from light to extra heavy, are durable and easy to take with you anywhere.

Resistance bands are perfect for working large and small muscle groups. They will give you a full body workout even with little to no impact, if you need.


Last, this mini Pilates ball will help support and tone your small and major muscle groups. It's fantastic for core exercises, both to support and challenge your core, seat work, leg work, and so much more.

These tools won't take up a ton of space in your home or carry-on, but they will pack a punch when it comes to toning up those muscles.

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